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Susan Abar began made necklaces out of two pennies she found after being healed miraculously of pancreatic cancer. Her amazing story is found in her book, Against All Odds: Two Pennies, A Rainbow, and a Woman Called Mercy has touched the lives of thousands and can be found here on our Copper Coin website and Susan's jewelry caught on and today she integrates her hand-glazed pennies into stunning jewelry fount only in Branson, Missouri and on our website.

Susan is an author, speaker and jewelry designer. Her stunning collection of penny jewelry includes sterling silver, copper, multi-metal, stainless steel and fashion jewelry. Susan  personally glazes each penny to preserve it's beauty.

Treasure Snaps, the Copper Coin's very own line of interchangeable snap jewelry is Susan's newest line of penny jewelry. Treasure snaps are the perfect gift for every age group. Customers love the versatallity of Treasure Snaps because they give everyone the ability to create, design and  personalize your jewelry to match every outfit and every occasssion.

The Copper Coin is the only store of its kind anywhere...a must see while you are in Branson. Don't miss this amazing store and our heavenly jewelty that was created to Honor God, Celebrate America, Blerss you with the story of a miracle and encourage you on your life's journey. 

... Yes, we are a top ten shopping destinations in Branson, Missouri. (Trip Advisor) 

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